Metropolitan Peace Initiatives

Helping people heal from trauma.


Metropolitan Peace Initiatives (MPI), a division of Metropolitan Family Services, convenes community-based and citywide organizations to help heal Chicago’s communities experiencing the highest levels of gun violence.

Behavioral Health

Counseling and mental health services empower individuals to develop their strengths, maximizing stability for themselves and their families

  • Support combines clinical expertise, research, and participants’ own values
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  • Services for individuals, groups, and families
  • Links to community-based healthcare providers

Workforce Development

Job readiness and training services offer unemployed and underemployed individuals the opportunity to prepare for and attain meaningful and sustainable employment

  • GED attainment
  • H.O.P.E. Curriculum (Helping Other People Excel): two-week job readiness training
  • Skill-Based Training industries include construction, food service, plumbing, electrical and carpentry

Legal Aid Justice Corps

Individualized legal services offer justice-involved adults the opportunity to move past legal issues and barriers holding them back from success

  • Free & community-based
  • Service areas include employment, housing, public benefits, crime victim services, human trafficking, immigration, elder law and domestic violence

Program Operation

The framework of Metropolitan Peace Initiatives supports in coordinating services and building capacity for Communities Partnering 4 Peace partner organizations

  • Administration
  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Assistance

Communities Partnering 4 Peace

Nonviolence, trauma-informed care, hyper-local collaboration, restorative justice practices.


Communities Partnering 4 Peace (CP4P), convened by Metropolitan Family Services, is a framework that provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to reducing violence and gang activity among the individuals and communities it serves.

How CP4P Works

  • Hyper-local approach: partner organizations adapt CP4P’s model to fit their unique needs, engaging their residents and partners as part of the solution to gun violence
  • Putting the power in communities’ hands: CP4P relies on authentic, trusted relationships, facilitated by local organizations informed in peace, trauma, and wraparound services
  • Developing a professional understanding with the Chicago Police Department, built and maintained on mutual trust and respect between CP4P’s outreach workers and CPD

Street Outreach

Relationship-based interventions prevent violence.

  • Street outreach workers identify and respond to threats/incidents
  • Intervention involves using strategies to de-escalate tensions, control rumors, and support families of victims and perpetrators of violence to prevent the next shooting
  • Pre-release and re-entry services: relationship development with returning citizens and linkage to key resources helps prepare for family and community reunification

Case Management

Proactive services mitigate further high-risk situations.

  • Case Managers connect individuals at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence with supportive services
  • Services include: legal and restorative justice, employment, family support, trauma-informed mental health, substance abuse services

Light In the Night

Free events empower communities to reclaim safe spaces.

  • Partner organizations host events in public spaces, for all in their community
  • Gatherings feature food and activities for all ages, offering productive alternatives and creating access to the parks for everyone
  • Find a Light In the Night event near you

Metropolitan Peace Academy

Intensive and multidisciplinary violence prevention training professionalizes the field of street outreach, builds a citywide network, and enhances community capacity to reduce violence.


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Metropolitan Peace Academy trainings

  • Signature Outreach Training: 144-hour, 18-week curriculum for outreach workers focused on nonviolence, trauma-informed services, and restorative justice
  • Case Manager Training: this training is longer, yes? need details
  • MPA-X Training: for outreach professionals in organizations outside the CP4P partnership
  • Community Training Academy: for community members

ReCAST Community Trainings…

Equip communities with knowledge to promote resilience and communicate with others about the efficacy and importance of nonviolence practices.

  • Topics include: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), the impact of community violence, mental health and psychological wellness, nonviolence training, restorative justice practices, self-care, and trauma-informed care
  • Learn more at

The Community Training Academy…

Supports Chicago police officers in increasing their capacity to work collaboratively, effectively and respectfully with the residents and stakeholders in their district. 

  • Introduces specific dynamics within a given community and deepens understanding of key historical factors related to policing
  • Incorporates an asset-based community development framework, restorative practices, and a hyper-local focus

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