Metropolitan Peace Academy

Intensive and multidisciplinary violence prevention training professionalizes the field of street outreach, builds a citywide network, and enhances community capacity to reduce violence.

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Metropolitan Peace Academy
2100 S Morgan St, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 986-4301

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The Metropolitan Peace Academy professionalizes the field of street outreach through intensive training for outreach professionals. Curriculum focuses on:

  • Nonviolence
  • Trauma-informed services
  • Restorative justice

Metropolitan Peace Academy Trainings

  • Signature Outreach Training: 144-hour, 18-week curriculum for outreach workers
  • Case Manager Training
  • MPA-X Training: for outreach professionals in organizations outside the CP4P partnership
  • Community Training Academy: for community members

What can we do to magnify your greatness?” – Vanessa DeReef on the Metropolitan Peace Academy

ReCast & Community Trainings in action

ReCast & Community Trainings in action

ReCAST Community Trainings

Equip communities with knowledge to promote resilience and communicate with others about the efficacy and importance of nonviolence practices.

  • Topics include: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), the impact of community violence, mental health and psychological wellness, nonviolence training, restorative justice practices, self-care, and trauma-informed care
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The Community Training Academy

Supports Chicago police officers in increasing their capacity to work collaboratively, effectively and respectfully with the residents and stakeholders in their district. 

  • Introduces specific dynamics within a given community and deepens understanding of key historical factors related to policing
  • Incorporates an asset-based community development framework, restorative practices, and a hyper-local focus

Norman Kerr’s graduation keynote on legacy

Graduate Reflections

Videos from some of our graduates.

MPA Reflections:  Fantasia Smith, Cohort 15

MPA Reflections: Roscio Vasquez , Cohort One

MPA Reflections: Edward Davis (a.k.a. Coach Aimin), Cohort 14

MPA Reflections: Jason Rodriguez, Cohort Six

MPA Reflections: Cohort Seven

MPA Reflections: Cohort Six

MPA Reflections: Eric George, Cohort Three

MPA Reflections: Agustina Salinas, Cohort Three

MPA Reflections: Andre Rodriguez, Cohort Two