New CORNERS Report Highlights Impact of CP4P Community Violence Intervention Efforts in Chicago

The Center for Neighborhood Engaged Research and Science (CORNERS) released its five-year research and evaluation report on the reach and impact of Communities Partnering 4 Peace’s (CP4P) community violence intervention (CVI) work.

A new report from the Center for Neighborhood Engaged Research and Science (CORNERS) has found that Communities Partnering 4 Peace (CP4P), and its coalition of 13 community violence intervention (CVI) organizations, are having real impact in reducing gun violence in Chicago since its inception five years ago.

Key findings from the evaluation show CP4P: 1) reaches the right people; 2) lowers rates of gunshot victimization among participants; 3) improves access to employment, education, and other services; and 4) leads to safer neighborhoods.

CORNERS, the official research partner of CP4P, began its evaluation of the organizations in 2018 in an effort to track the coalition’s violence reduction work. Its research and evaluation strategy focused on assessing CP4P’s reach and impact among individuals and communities across the city.

CP4P, convened by the Metropolitan Peace Initiatives, is a coalition of 13 community-based organizations focused on gun violence prevention across 27 Chicago neighborhoods. Its strategy consists of four core pillars: a philosophy of nonviolence, trauma-informed care, hyperlocal collaboration, and restorative justice.

Approaches include street outreach, behavioral health, workforce development, legal aid, and organizational development.

Read the full report here.