Metropolitan Peace Initiatives Announces “Streets, Beatz & Peace” Podcast

Rodney “Hot Rod” Phillips and Billy “Bo” Deal host Metropolitan Peace Initiatives’ new podcast, “Streets, Beatz & Peace.”

We’re pleased to announce the premiere of Metropolitan Peace Initiatives’ new podcast, “Streets, Beatz & Peace!”

Hosted by Associate Director of Crisis Prevention & Response Unit Rodney “Hot Rod” Phillips and Senior Field Manager of Field Operations Billy “Bo” Deal, the show explores the very necessary gun violence prevention efforts being done across the city of Chicago.

Our first episode “What is Street Outreach?” features Tio Hardiman, Executive Director of Violence Interrupters. Tune in as he breaks down the nature of the work, discusses how community violence intervention (CVI) has evolved over the years, his message to critics of CVI, and more.

You can listen to “Streets, Beatz & Peace” on-the-go via Spotify or Buzzsprout. Or, watch the conversation on YouTube. (Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.)

We’ll be back with more incredible discussions soon. For now, press play on Episode 1 today!