JUST IN: Video from 2023 U of I Cline Symposium Featuring MPI Executive Director Vaughn Bryant on Gun Violence Reduction

Metropolitan Peace Initiatives Executive Director Vaughn Bryant addressed the topic of gun violence reduction in the U.S. at the 2023 University of Illinois Cline Symposium on October 26, 2023. He spoke on the points of community violence intervention (CVI) efforts, equitable resource distribution, mental health, restorative justice, police reform and more, along with other prominent thought-leaders.

“The work we do is around healing, skilling, and supporting folks who either have been incarcerated or have not been incarcerated yet,” Bryant said, speaking on how Communities Partnering 4 Peace (CP4P) strives to reduce and prevent gun violence in Chicago.

CP4P services include intervention by trained street outreach workers, case management services, victim services, and community-based events aimed at reclaiming public spaces (also known as “Light in the Night“). The coalition is made up of 13 community-based organizations focused on gun violence prevention across 27 Chicago neighborhoods.

Bryant was joined by University of Chicago’s Crime Lab and Education Lab Director of Programs Kimberley Smith and Violence Reduction Center’s Founding Director Thomas Abt, along with Merriam Professor of Political Science Scott Althaus who served as moderator. The annual event tackles topics of great public importance and is opened up to the larger campus community.

Watch the full video here.