INVC Hosts DOJ for Discussion on Community Violence Intervention

Staff for the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago (INVC) meet with the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime to discuss the impacts of gun violence.

The Institute for Nonviolence Chicago (INVC) hosted the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime on Wednesday, August 16. INVC staff spoke to the importance of understanding how gun violence victimization impacts everyone differently.

As a commitment to the work of Community Violence Intervention (CVI), the meeting also aimed to help build relationships between legislators and those in the criminal justice field. Among the attendees were Kris Rose, Director of the DOJ Office for Victims of Crime; Sharon Fletcher, Deputy Director for Discretionary Programs; Fred Rogers, Grants Management; and Eddie Bocanegra, Senior Advisor to the Office of the Assistant Attorney General.

INVC Executive Director Teny Gross said the visit “shows the importance of building the civilian architecture of violence reduction with partnerships from the public sector to work with those in the nonprofit, business and philanthropic communities.”

INVC got its start in 2016 in Chicago’s Austin community in an effort to end the cycle of violence in the city.