Northwestern University CORNERS Research Confirms CP4P Partners Saving Lives

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CP4P Community Violence Interventionists

A new report, released by Northwestern University’s Center for
Neighborhood Engaged Research and Science (CORNERS), shows a coalition of Chicago community violence intervention (CVI) organizations known as Communities Partnering 4 Peace (CP4P) are reducing gun violence in Chicago’s neighborhoods most impacted by violence.

“Our results found evidence of favorable treatment effects in 30% of CP4P treatment areas, indicating that rates of homicide and non-fatal shooting victimizations experienced either larger decreases or smaller increases as compared to their synthetically created controls,” says
Northwestern researchers who began the study in 2018. “In total, we estimate that this resulted in 383 fewer non-fatal shootings and homicides from the start of the program until December of 2021, thus averting considerable human death, injury, and suffering, as well as the associated
financial toll for administrative, police, and medical efforts.”